What are NewsQuakes?

What is Cointelegraph Markets Pro: NewsQuakes™

NewsQuakes are important crypto news headlines that have historically moved the price of related assets. 

Crypto exchange asset listings, partnerships and project developments are just a few examples. 

Cointelegraph Markets Pro only sends out a few NewsQuakes per day — the most potentially impactful headlines — so as not to bombard users with information. 

Measuring the potential impact of news is an imprecise science — is the news already priced in, for example? In conjunction with The TIE, we have back-tested various alerts to gauge their price impact and we’ve added a little context with our “Heat Index”.

The number of flames next to each NewsQuake offers a general indication of how much news like this has moved prices in the past — more flames, more impact.

How does it work? Well, take exchange listings for example. When a crypto exchange such as Coinbase or Binance lists a new asset, that asset often sees a related price increase around the event or news. Without Cointelegraph Markets Pro, you would likely have to scan the internet constantly for blog posts or announcements from exchanges or projects. 

Cointelegraph Markets Pro, on the other hand, often finds this information right when it hits the web and sends it back to the platform in the form of a NewsQuake. Our technology is scouring thousands of news sources, RSS feeds, blogs, Twitter feeds and more EVERY MINUTE to bring you these vital headlines.

Some of these NewsQuakes even alert you before the company or asset posts its news on Twitter, potentially helping you get into a trade before the masses.

You can also receive mobile device alerts via the Cointelegraph Markets Pro Discord channel.


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