Discord Community Guidelines

Cointelegraph Markets Pro Discord community guidelines

Cointelegraph Markets Pro is not just a platform providing breaking news and asset sentiment data. It’s also a community where you can interact with other participants via a messaging and notifications platform called Discord. (Click here to get set up on Discord.)

Communities, however, must have guidelines to help promote a friendly, helpful and fun atmosphere. And to that end, here are some rules for the Cointelegraph Markets Pro community on Discord,

  • Treat others with respect — if you wouldn’t say something to someone in person, don’t say it from behind a keyboard. This includes refraining from bullying or any efforts to harm others, verbally or otherwise. You can disagree with someone while still remaining respectful. Also, please do not make fun of or talk down to people who may know less than you. This community will likely include a broad range of knowledge, from beginners to those with significant expertise. 
  • Cointelegraph Markets Pro has a zero-tolerance policy when it comes to harassment, racism, doxing (if someone desires to stay behind a pseudonym, please respect their wishes), crude language targeted at someone’s gender, posting of pornographic or inappropriate content, etc. 
  • Keep the community family-friendly. We’re all grown-ups here, but as a rule of thumb ask yourself this question: Would you want your kids seeing this content? If not, don’t post it.   
  • No abusive language — please be professional here, folks.  
  • No shilling of your bags — do not excessively advertise or promote your own investments or projects. You can obviously chat about projects and things you like, etc., but don’t go overboard trying to get people to buy certain assets. This is not an advertising group.
  • This is NOT a pump group — we do not support pump and dump efforts. Cointelegraph Markets Pro does not support or condone coordinated efforts to move asset prices or manipulate markets. 
  • Take responsibility for your actions — you are in control of yourself and your decisions. 
  • Don’t underestimate the impact you might have — you never know who might be looking up to you as a person, trader or otherwise. Keep that in mind. 
  • Don’t  steal content — don’t take content from others or the platform itself and claim it as your own elsewhere, or even within the Cointelegraph Markets Pro Discord server. 
  • Use the Discord channels as intended — please keep the relevance of channels in mind when you are discussing or posting, keeping content on track with each channel’s focus. 
  • This is not a place for financial advice — you can learn from other members of the Cointelegraph Markets Pro community, as well as from the information and research on the platform, but remember the crypto maxim - DYOR means Do Your Own Research! If someone is giving you information that sounds too good to be true, it probably is.

Cointelegraph is not a financial advisor, and per our Terms and Conditions, nothing you read on our site constitutes financial advice. We *strongly* recommend consulting your financial advisor before making investment decisions. 

Do your own research and due diligence — due to the global nature of crypto, regulatory expectations and environments likely differ significantly from region to region. You are in charge of knowing what you can and cannot do in your region. Crypto exchanges serve as a good example of an area requiring discretion and due diligence. Many exchanges ban certain locations. You also must conduct research on your own in general for other topics, using common sense and judgement.

Have fun and happy learning!  

Important Note: Misconduct will be dealt with by staff and admins, depending on the offense. Generally a warning will be issued, but we will NOT tolerate racism, sexism, doxing, or posting of pornographic content, any of which may lead to immediate removal from the platform without warning. If problems persist with other offensive content, users may be removed from the platform at the sole discretion of the administrators.


Cointelegraph is a publisher of financial information, not an investment adviser. We do not provide personalized or individualized investment advice. As a condition of using Markets Pro you acknowledge and agree that no Content published or otherwise provided as part of any Service constitutes a personalized recommendation or advice regarding the suitability of, or advisability of investing in, purchasing or selling any particular investment, security, portfolio, commodity, transaction or investment strategy. Cryptocurrencies are volatile investments and carry significant risk. Consult your financial advisor before making financial decisions. Full terms and conditions.